Publication Process

    In Journal of Science and Today’s World after submission the manuscript by the authors, the main editors of the journal peer-reviewed the paper for its structural point of view and its originality, not to be copied and also examines its data publication, duplication or fabrication; then check names of authors, their affiliations and Email addresses, after that send an announcement Email to all authors, so all of them aware of paper submission or publication and agreed with that and doesn’t create any conflicts of interest. If in the early stages of peer-reviewed, editors find an authors paper poor, it will be rejected; but if in initially levels the paper have the arbitration potential, it will be sent to two dedicated Referees, that their field is related to submitted manuscript. Arbitration time is two weeks, and Referees should send their comments and corrections in written forms to the journal office in that period. If the editorial committee agreed with accepted the manuscript after correction, the author has to submit a revised paper within a week. It also noteworthy that in human and animal studies, the authors should be sends the rights confirmation form to the journal office. Finally, if the authors somehow attempting to deceive the journal by make copy from other References without citing them, have data fabrication, disagreement between writers or failure to respect the ethical rights for the cases studied in clinical trials, then their paper at any stage, for instance: review, acceptance or publication, to be removed from the site and a report based on their wrong performance will be published in journal website. Therefore we expected, that authors respect for the rules, so everything is ideal both for Journal of Science nd Today’s World and authors.